Reflections on Working on the East Coast

It’s been a year and a half since I launched my relatively new endeavor; a small but mighty Atlantic Canadian business focused on drawing more external funding into our local market and getting our people “out there” through publishing and realising their full potential with a little support when they need it. I’ve now worked with clients across Canada (NS, BC, ON) and in Kenya and Uganda! ocean

When I first moved back to Atlantic Canada, I was struck by how many people were devoting their efforts to “making things work” in small non-profits, start ups, and universities. As a people, we East Coasters pride ourselves on making a living, growing food, and surviving winter in what can be an often unforgiving environment on all counts. But yet, we have each other and a shared experience of caring about our communities, universities, and region.

This first year I have enjoyed learning more from my clients about what they need to hit that next goal, to get that next grant, to do that next project. I sincerely think that we have worked together to achieve great things. Thank you for your support; behind every small business are clients that take that chance to work with someone for the first time!

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